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Wild Opium Lettuce extract 100AtomiX 5 gram – Sảng khoái, giảm đau tự nhiên


Chiết xuất Wild Opium Lettuce là một chiết xuất mạnh hơn 25 lần so với thảo mộc khô. Nó có thể được vape (150°C – 175°C) và nó tạo ra hiệu ứng thư giãn, giảm đau, bảo vệ thận và điều hòa kinh nguyệt. Bạn cũng có thể hòa tan chiết xuất trong nước hoặc trà.

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Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa) is a weed. It’s sometimes called prickly lettuce, bitter lettuce, tall lettuce, or opium lettuce, and there are many claims of health benefits.

Wild Lettuce Extract is an extract that is 25 times stronger than the dried herb. Micro Fine Extract Powder – Can be used in capsules, added to beverage, put in coffee, or a great compliment to your favorite smokeable product
Benefits of Wild Lettuce
The effects of wild lettuce are very similar to opium, but milder in nature. However, the active compounds of wild lettuce are not opioids, and do not cause addiction.

Wild lettuce has also historically been used to improve the vividness of dreams. Wild lettuce has also been used throughout history for health problems including:

Kidney diseases
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Whooping cough
As a diuretic
As a sedative

In the 19th century, the plant’s milky juice was dried and used as a weak alternative to opium with fewer side effects. It was said to be a great pain reliever.‌

These benefits could be from some of the compounds in the plant including:

Lactucic acid

Some of these have effects on the body. Lactucarium is a laxative and sedative that lowers gut inflammation and uterine cramping. Sometimes, liquid extracts are used as an enema because of this laxative effect.

Lactucarium and hyoscyamine may be behind some of the sedative effects and pain relief.

Dissolve in (tea) water, fruit juice or custard / yogurt. Can also be used in the vaporizer (150°C – 175°C).
Dosing Wild Lettuce:
0.4 – 1 gram.

* Do not use in combination with medication. Do not use more often than once per day. Frequent use can lead to addiction.

5 grams extract


Weight 5 g

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